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We Need Your Support!

Our goal is to build a sustainable network of maritime markets and routes between your community and local food producers around Puget Sound. It's going to take some time and a lot of effort on the part of the FarmBoat staff and the various maritime heritage organizations. There are many ways you can support the effort to restore an age-old tradition:

Tell Your Friends!

Let everyone know about the FarmBoat Floating Markets. We are committed to keep prices reasonable so we won't be spending a lot of money on advertising. Any help we can get in spreading the word is very appreciated! Twitter, Facebook, local blogs and forums are great ways to get the word out.

Post Our Posters!

Go to the Market & Events page, select the specific market you want to promote, and download our posters in pdf! You can print them on a color printer and post them at work or in your favorite hangouts.

Purchase a CSA Subscription or Voucher Certificate

A CSA Subscription or CSA Voucher will give you priority selection of fresh produce and have the ability to place special orders. CSA Subscriptions are billed monthly and provide you with an open tab to make your purchases on at FarmBoat markets. CSA Vouchers work in a similar way to pre-purchase credits at the markets. LEARN MORE >>


Each maritime heritage organization involved with FarmBoat Floating Markets is always looking for volunteers to participate in a variety of programs. Come to the markets and speak with the market manager. LEARN MORE >>

Book an Adventure Excursion

We offer a number of exciting adventure opportunities to experience the sea and learn about local farms. Booking a tour helps fund FarmBoat programs. LEARN MORE >>

Apply for Trading Partner Membership
(Commercial Growers, Producers, Restaurants & Markets)

FarmBoat provides a unique way for you to connect with your customers and suppliers. If you buy or sell locally produced products and are able to pickup or deliver from local ports, then consider a Trading Partner Membership in FarmBoat. LEARN MORE >>

The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. For more information, see "FarmBoat Under Siege."

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FarmBoat Lucky Anchor The FarmBoat Program is managed by the Urban Public Waterfront Association, a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to connecting people with the sea.
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