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Center for Wooden Boats Lake Union Whistle-Stop Markets

Farmboat is working on developing a program that will provide an opportunity for inner-city youth to learn about maritime culture and the business of food distribution. The Center for Wooden Boats has an extensive track record at providing learning opportunities for youth. Maintaining one of the largest fleets of historic wooden watercraft, CWB can offer a unique program to distribute local produce to residents from Ballard to Montlake along Lake Union, Portage Bay and the Ship Canal.

Visit http://www.cwb.org/ web site

Why wait to eat at home? Buy a lunch at the market and enjoy a relaxing and nostalgic mini getaway out on the water with terrific views and fresh air. LEARN MORE >>

The Lake Union Park Floating Market will be held on Thursdays from 11-3 PM at the Lake Union Park Wharf. Come down and enjoy this exciting little market with local foods and crafts from around the Puget Sound region. Meet farmers and artisan food producers and enjoy a gourmet lunch. LEARN MORE >>

The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. For more information, see "FarmBoat Under Siege."

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FarmBoat Lucky Anchor The FarmBoat Program is managed by the Urban Public Waterfront Association, a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to connecting people with the sea.
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