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Ten Reasons to Buy Local

1). Buying local food supports the local economy and farmers. Allowing the middleman to be cut out of the equation helps the farmers support their family and land.

2). Buying local food is a better investment in your good health.  Because the food is produced locally and travels a shorter distance to reach you - the food product is fresher.

3). Buying local gives you an opportunity to enjoy seasonal fruit and vegetables direct from the farmer to your table.

4). Buying local food helps build a strong community. Knowing where your food  comes from gives you insight into what is growing locally, the land, and understanding the connection between the farmer and you the consumer.

5). Buying local helps smaller local farms and businesses grow food that does not need to be picked before it's ready, providing an opportunity for a longer harvest and genetic diversity.

6). Buying local food supports the environment and and helps farmers manage their land using sustainable methods of conservation and protection of the soil and crops without a need for harmful pesticides and hormones.

7). Buying local helps support local farmers and encourages a continuation of local farming in the community for the future.

8). Buying local helps to support a local transportation system that is not dependent on food being imported from far away that needs a longer shelf life.

9). Buying local encourages you to try new and different foods and interact with the local community and farmers.

10). Buying local foods helps the local economy prosper!

The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. For more information, see "FarmBoat Under Siege."

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