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Why Are Local Foods Healthy?

Local Fruits & Vegetables are Ripened Naturally

Naturally ripened produce is packed with nutritional value delivered the way nature intended for easy digestion and metabolization. Many fruit and vegetables grown for long distance transportation are bioengineered to be tough in order to survive the rigors of shipping and ripened artificially without sun. They most often have less nutritional value per pound and are more difficult for your body digest and metabolize.

Local Food has Greater Genetic Diversity

Small local farms typically grow a wide range of produce to have a long and productive growing season while large mono-crop factory farms strive to fill distribution warehouses with uniform crops to achieve production efficiency and lowest cost per ton. Your body needs a diverse range of nutrients and vitamins to prevent a multitude of diseases.

Local Food Taste Better

Since local fruits and vegetables are ripened in the fields, fresh local produce often has much more flavor then corporate factory farmed crops. You and your family will enjoy them more and therefore choose to eat healthy natural foods more often.

Easier to Trust Your Local Farmer

It is more comforting to know that the person responsible for the food you eat is living and working in your local community and not in some far away financial center making decisions that effect your health based only on corporate profitability. A local food producer is far less likely to deliver a product compromises your health.

Less Pesticide and Chemical Exposure

Since most small farms grow a variety of crops, they usually have less problem with crop disease and insect infestation and therefore have less need to use pesticides and chemicals. And even if it were desirable, many small farms cannot afford the expensive accosted with chemical systems used in factory crop production.

Less GMOs

Genetically Modified Organisms are the new wonders of science. But do you want to be a guinea pig for the latest concoctions funded by the industrialized food complex? Little is known about the long term effect of GMOs. It's a safe bet that less GMOs and more natural foods are going to be a better for your health. Most small local farms tend to prefer traditional heritage crops, but you should always ask.

Seasonal Diet Diversity

The complex systems in your body were developed over millions of years of evolution to adapt to the seasonal cycles of nature. Eating local foods means that you are continuously changing what you eat throughout the year insuring that you are getting the full range of nutrients your body needs for each season.

The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. For more information, see "FarmBoat Under Siege."

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