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FarmBoat Forty-League Diet
    A Sustainable Plan for Healthy Local Eating

Forty leagues is just under 140 miles. A league is an old-world measurement of distance. One league is basically the distance an average person or horse in ancient times could walk in an hour.

By eating natural food generally produced within a hundred and forty mile radius of where you live, you will get an abundance of amazing benefits. For most, there is an easy way to look younger, feel stronger and have more energy--all without fancy diet foods, supplements or complex weight management programs. It's called Nature. A hundred million years of development far exceeds any other diet program ever invented.

The nutrient requirements your body needs just happens to match what nature provides. More accurately, your body evolved through the millenniums to adapt to the available resources of our ecosystem.

When you keep this notion in mind through every decision you make regarding what you put in your body, you can easily see the path to longevity through culinary enlightenment... (More to come latter).

The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. For more information, see "FarmBoat Under Siege."

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