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New Work for Old Boats:
    Preserving Northwest Maritime History

The important contribution of the maritime industry in the Pacific Northwest is often understated. Working vessels of all types have been built here for nearly two centuries--playing a critical role in taming the raw wilderness of the Northwest.

Over the years, these tired and obsolete vessels of the past slip away into obscurity. Along with them leaves the minute elements of history and clues to how civilization was established in the Pacific Northwest. Very little evidence remains of the giant virgin fir and cedar trees that once blanketed the Pacific Northwest. The finest of this lumber was sculpted into the planks and frames of these working vessels.

Most of these vessels are too big and impractical to keep around for posterity. The cost of maintenance on an old historic boat is unsustainable without a source of revenue and purpose. As the old saying goes; "use it or loose it".

A key attraction for FarmBoat Floating Market events is the sharing of local maritime history. We are able to provide a purpose and continued utility for historic working vessels. These old boats are ideal for hosting dockside events on the inland waters of Puget Sound. Their heavy construction and fine lines make them solidly stable and fuel efficient.

By working with maritime heritage organizations, FarmBoat will help build sustainable programs that both educate and fulfill important needs in the port communities around Puget Sound.

Vessels Awaiting Sponsors

As the years go by, fewer and fewer vessels remain as a testament to a way of life that has so drastically changed over the last half century that it has hardly a glimmer of influence on modern lives. Yet, some of the things that society strives for today are embodied in the structures of these vessels. Sustainability, efficiency and versatility were inherent requirements of their designs.

The resourcefulness and fortitude of the men who built and sailed these vessels should not be forgotten. These maritime treasures await sponsorship to fund restoration. Farmboat can assist the maritime organization who adopts heritage vessels such as these with project planning, fund raising, and program development for inclusion in the floating market fleet.

F/V Olympic
Bristol Bay Gillnetter

The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. For more information, see "FarmBoat Under Siege."

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