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UPDATE: Due to the relentless efforts of some City of Seattle bureaucrats, the restoration of the F/V Olympic has been cancelled.

Help Us Restore the Historic
Fishing Schooner "Olympic" and
Re-Connect Puget Sound Farms

We are working to raise funds to complete the restoration of a century-old artifact from Seattle's illustrious past. The Olympic will be used to develop a sustainable alternative food route on Puget Sound--delivering fresh farm goods to the City of Seattle like it was done a century ago. The Olympic will also be used to share historic maritime experiences with adventurous travelers and dockside visitors.

Proposed configuration includes sail rig for
"motor assist sailing" and aft deck canopy.

The Olympic is planned to be the FarmBoat flagship running a weekly route between nearby ports like Poulsbo, Port Townsend, Coupeville, La Conner and Seattle. Fresh produce will be loaded aboard and displayed on deck for open markets throughout the summer months.

After many months of tedious work, the Olympic is now in operational condition. With a new engine and electrical systems along with all new refastening and corking, she is getting close to being ready to once again perform a valuable service. The money we raise through Promotional Sponsorships from organizations and Bike & Sail Travel Vouchers from individuals will be used to buy materials to finish up the boat.

About the Halibut Schooner "Olympic"

The Olympic was launched in 1911 at the foot of 28th Street in Ballard, Washington. Substantial restoration work has been done to the hull including plank replacement, complete refastening and re-corking below the waterline. Plans for continued restoration of the crews quarters, bulwarks and deck house are underway. The Olympic will be restored to her original rigging configuration.

The Olympic is one of the oldest West Coast halibut schooners remaining. With her prominent early Scandinavian lines, offset wheel house and dory deck, the Olympic is a testament to substantive maritime industry that has flourished in the northwest for more than a century.

With a 20' x 16' 10 ton hold, the 65' Olympic is an ideal farm boat. She will be able to carry a weeks worth of CSA deliveries with plenty of room to spare for crew and activities.

FarmBoat is in search of a maritime organization who can adopt and manage the Olympic. Once found, FarmBoat will assist in the development of a sustainable program and help with with fund raising, route planing, port negotiations and promotion. This could be a great opportunity for a maritime heritage organization seeking to create a highly visible an outreach program throughout the Northern Puget Sound region.

Halibut Schooner FV Olympic

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alternative food distribution on Puget Sound
Ask yourself: What could happen if a major earthquake damaged bridges around the region? FarmBoat is helping to inspire the use of the natural waterways to deliver food in the same way it was done a century ago. FarmBoat encurages ports to utilize municipale docks for transfering local freight...
Bike and Sail Adventures
Help us raise funds by purchasing a Bike & Sail voucher that can be used for a trip between Puget Sound ports. Plan a combination biking and cruise adventure...
lucky anchor pendant saves ship
Help us raise funds by purchasing a a limited edition FarmBoat pendent.
Food Commune Group Buying Website

The FarmBoat Floating Market aboard the Virginia V at Lake Union Park is closed due to City of Seattle adverse policies against small businesses. For more information, see "FarmBoat Under Siege."

Experienced Restoration Team

The Olympic is being restored by an experienced group of maritime shipwrights, mechanics and electricians who have been involved with the Olympic for several years. Too often maritime preservation projects like this fail due to a lack of relevant experience and expertise. The entire team consists of experienced and licensed mariners. Historic wooden vessels have special requirements unlike anything on land. The unique aspect of our team is that everyone involved has owned, maintained and operated commercial wooden vessels.

Jerry Adams - Jerry started out at age fourteen working in local boat yards. He has worked a maritime engineer on commercial fishing and research boats for at least three decades. Jerry currently operates a successful charter boat business. After spending several months conducting mechanical and electrical upgrades on the Olympic, Jerry has extensive knowledge of the vessel's systems.

Dave Minshall - A seasoned shipwright and commercial fishermen, Dave has owned and successfully operated several large fishing vessels including the 75' Bering Sea dragger Point Grenville. Along with his extensive knowledge of systems and rigging, Dave is both a licensed master and mate.

David Petrich - Founder of the FarmBoat project, David is a fourth-generation mariner in the Pacific Northwest who manages a classic yacht charter business where he has restored a small fleet of antique vessels. David is also an experienced marketing and business development entrepreneur who has worked with companies in the maritime industry for thirty years. Clients have included International Paint, Tempress Marine, Koden Electronics, Simrad and many others.

Jack Simons - With many years of serving as engineer on the Halibut Schooner "Atlantic" (a similar vessel in age an construction to the Olympic), Jack lends his expertise in all areas of vessel maintenance and repair. Jack is one of the few commercial fishermen left who has had extensive experience in the traditional fishing methods the Olympic was built for.

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FarmBoat Lucky Anchor The FarmBoat Program is managed by the Urban Public Waterfront Association, a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to connecting people with the sea.
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